BAME Wine Professionals

Shining a spotlight on wine talent in the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities

There are of course running costs in this not-for-profit initiative. We would be thrilled if you could help us by giving a lot, or as little as you like. Even £1 will be well spent.

The UK wine trade can be a great place to work, but it would be better and richer if it were more diverse and inclusive. See the results of this diversity survey of the UK wine trade. Let’s widen the mix of UK wine professionals who are given a break and broaden the ethnic range of potential UK wine consumers.

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Here are just 3 of our BAME wine professionals

  • Dr Akshay Baboo



  • Sumita Sarma

    London, Surrey, Southern England, India

    Freelance. Founder of Sumilier @sumi_sumilier
  • Holly Plumeridge


    Off Trade Sales Manager


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